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The Digital Platform

Constrol brings the level of control over quantities to new heights

הפלטפורמה הדיגיטלית

Our platform creates a clear BOQ connected to the model, presenting them side by side in an efficient and easy way, including for those who are not computer savvy.

The platform enables performing a wide range of complex tasks:

  • Isolation of clauses in the written quantities and their presentation only in the model.

  • Perform elaborate intersections according to territories and crafts and produce a specific BOQ for the selected intersection.

  • Quick, easy calculation of quantities

דוגמא לכתב כמויות מהפלטפורמה החדשנית של קונסטרול
שירותי מידול
דוגמא מהתוכנה לשירותי מידול בטכנולוגיית BIM

Modeling services with BIM technology

Even in the 3D digital world, you still need to know how to build! Building an incorrect BIM model or a model with redundant elements could lead to serious errors in quantities and in the project budget. Constrol’s team of over 90 structural engineers provides high-quality BIM modeling services and correct construction in the digital world.

ליווי תקציבי

Project budget guidance

Building the budget of a construction project and performing correct budgetary control are one of the most complex tasks in the traditional construction world.


Constrol’s engineering team offers consulting services in planning and control of construction project budgets.

Thanks to our team’s experience, professional guidance, and technological tools at its disposal – our customers are able to avoid mistakes and use of rough estimates, and obtain an accurate budgetary picture of their projects. 

תמונה לליווי תקציבי לפרויקט
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